Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership Options are:

  1. Weekly Direct Debit (Card or Bank Account) – 1-month minimum sign-on, Suspensions available, Cancellation available after 1 month (28 Days)
  2. Three Month Upfront Access – Unlimited Classes, No suspensions, No Cancellations, NO REFUND.
  3. Session Pack – 5 / 10 – No time limit on the use of these sessions, NO REFUND.

Membership Cancellation:

Members may nominate to cancel their Membership AFTER having joined for an initial 1 month (28 Day) period.  

Cancellation must be requested through email to specific site location email or and include:

  • NAME, STUDIO, and REASON for requesting cancellation of Membership.
  • Membership cancellation can take 5-7 Days to process and all attempts are made to cancel within this time frame.  Scheduled debits within this time frame may still occur

Membership Suspension / Pause

Members may request a suspension of their Membership.  Suspension must be requested through email to site specific email OR and include:

  • NAME, STUDIO, and REASON for requesting suspension of Membership.
  • Suspension of Membership is a minimum 1 week and maximum 3 months
  • If a payment is processed within 7 days of the membership pause, the member will be time credited when membership resumes.


Payment is 1 week in advance, via Credit Card or Bank Account.

Failed Payments

Failed Payments will be represented by the system, but can result in booking interruptions until payments are cleared.