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  • Our studios are available for class participation 24/7.
  • Members are asked to book between the hours of 4am – 10pm via our booking App
  • Instructors are onsite to assist members for approximately 8 hours per day. Hours vary between 6am – 7pm site specific
  • There are approx.. 100 classes (15 – 55min) across 8 x Program categories and over 100+ individual exercises to even design your own workout.
  • Memberships are vary slightly depending on the site location and type of membership purchased. The average membership is $39- $49 and best to contact your local studio directly for specific offers and details.
  • Credit packs can be purchased and individual sessions can be loaded on depending on how many you wish to purchase. The average price per session is $25.  Contact your local studio directly for specific offers and details.
  • All members and credit pack holders will need the booking and Door security Apps. to gain access and participate in classes.
  • Many/most of our members are new to Pilates and often have not exercised for a period of time.
  • The studio environment is welcoming and no- judgmental.
  • Classes are designed to introduce, teach and guide new participants through exercise technique and equipment at a pace that suits their needs and abilities. This is assessed in their introductory / orientation session.
  • Children above the age of 12 are more than capable of participating in Reformer Pilates.
  • Reformers are adjusted accordingly.
  • Children are not given 24/7 access and must come during staffed hours or with an adult member.
  • We have instructors onsite to assist and help in anyway needed.
  • All classes are recorded in ‘real time’ and the instructor is participating with you. The classes are highly instructional and self-explanatory.
  • Each member participates in an introduction session either prior to commencing their membership or at their first session. 
  • You will be guided and helped not only with any technical aspects of the exercise but also studio and site operations and logistics. They will even sell you a pair of socks and probably get you a coffee if you asked.
  • Instructors are onsite to assist members for at least 8 hours between hours 6am – 7pm. Monday to Friday and limited hours on weekends.
  • We advise members who are new to Pilates and learning the ‘ropes’ to book in and participate during staffed hours until they feel confident. The studio however can be accessed 24/7.
  • Any changes to profile details need to be done through the studio Manager.  Please text or call the studio to do this over the phone or in person.  This is to avoid any disruption to class access.
  • Simply contact the studio via txt or email – each studio will have a site-specific email to contact.
  • No membership requests will be taken over the phone – it is essential to send an email to the correct location. See your site location for details.
  • Each studio has a dedicated studio login.
  • Classes can only be played when you are onsite in the studio. (class summaries and descriptions can be viewed)
  • Your personal Glofox Login and registration is for the purpose of your individual class booking NOT the website.
  • The process of bluetoothing is exactly the same as bluetoothing to any device. Go to settings – Bluetooth – press Bluetooth pairing button on your headphones.
  • NOTE: our headphones will auto connect as soon as they are turned on.
  • Each studio has a dedicated studio login – if this is not known to you contact your studio manager to assist.