This series of HYBRID classes takes your workouts to the next level.  Classes incorporate other forms of exercise such as resistance training (dumbbells), cardio equipment and body weight.  Your own personal trainer in the Pilates studio.

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This class format is a new and challenging format where you will superset (combine) a Reformer movement with a DB movement to strengthen specific body parts. It’s good a solid pace, the movements cover the entire body and it’s a great way to combine different methods into one workout.

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This is a full body workout which challenges all major muscle group and trunk strength through a combination of standard and advanced Reformer moves combined with a Dumbbell movement. The pace is on from the start, so get ready for a solid workout.

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This class is a challenging series of movement combined in a number of triplets.  Reformer to Dumbells to Abdominal Strength.  It’s achievable, but the pace is constant, so get your equipment ready and mind engaged and enjoy this new combination of full body work.

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