Class #1

Entire Body Core Control

Class #2

Co-ordination and Balance

Class #3

Total Body Technique

Class #4

Creating Body Balance

Class #5

Using the Pilates Box

Class #6

Pilates Fitness & Jump Board

Class #7

Time to Stretch and Mobilize

Class #8

Legs, Hips ‘Bums & Tums’

Class #9

Unilateral Strength Flow & Control

Class #10

Intermediate Circuit

Class #11

Strength, Coordination and Balance

Class #12

Full Body Stretch

Class #13

General Leg Strength

Class #14

The Class With ‘THE LOT’! Upper Body Strength, Mobility, Unilateral Legs and Jump board.

Class #15

Circuit Style Pilates Class.

Class #16

Core Strength (Circuit)

Class #9

Unilateral Strength Flow & Control

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This Intermediate class is targeted at control and technique, with a strong emphasis on Hip Flexor and Glute mobility and strength. Unilateral arm and leg exercises interspersed with core (Abdominal and Back) exercises make this quite the complete workout, designed to push participants to their potential. The class addresses often neglected body parts that need continual activation.