Class #1 (1/2)

Introduction to Reformer Pilates

Class #1 (2/2)

Introduction to Reformer Pilates

Class #2

‘Lock-In’ the basics.

Class #3

Flow and Control – Putting it together

Class #4

Introducing new Pilates “Toys”

Class #5

Time to stretch and mobilise

Class #6

Beginner Circuit Class

Class #7

Pelvic Strength Stability and Lower Back Rehabilitation

Class #8

Beginner Jump Board Circuit

Class #9

Full Body Stretch

Class #10

General Leg Strength

Class #6

Beginner Circuit Class

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A Circuit is a series of exercises performed consecutively then repeated a number of times. This class is comprised of 2 different exercise circuits. The exercises are favorite fundamental movements, which, when put together complete a thorough body workout. Core control, technique, and strength are the components addressed in this comprehensive workout.