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These exercise formats are for participants with a strong Pilates background and training history. These programs assist with maintaining and improving all aspects of strength and injury prevention, including greater range of joint motion.

Class #1

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A challenging collection of movements with some emphasis around Upper Body and Trunk Strength moves.

Class #2

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This class is designed to challenge all the key body parts, Core, Legs and Upper Body. It’s a collection of mostly bodyweight movements but will require some good levels of strength and control. This will be a challenge, but as always concentrate on using your ideal technique.

Class #3

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This class targets all major muscle groups and will really challenge you and your strength capacities.  It follows a simple format of work-rest-work, much like a traditional gym workout, but using the Reformer.  Take your time, have some extra rest periods if necessary, but I know you’ll enjoy the challenge of this workout and the response that you get with improved strength and body control.  Run time is approximately 37 mins.